Saturday, February 11, 2012

An overview of some new coursebooks for primary

It seems that this year is a year of novelties on the market for ESL primary coursebooks. I've had the pleasure to see some of them, so, I've decided to share my impressions on the blog.

We live in an digital age

...and it simply must be reflected on the teaching methods. While the new coursebooks I'll be writing about in this article are offering a wide range of different teaching solutions, they are all placing a great emphasis on the digital component. So, a multi-rom both for the teachers and the students contaning a digital version of the book, games, worksheets, etc, is not a luxury anymore, it's a must.

Publishing houses are making teachers' work easier

...this promise has never sounded more real. All of the new methods are coming with lots of teaching resources, both off- and online. Some of them are even editable.

Learning English is not only about the language

...which means that the new books are just packed with all sorts of activities related not only to the English (or other English-speaking countries) culture, but also to other subject (so called ''cross-curricular'').

Having said that, let's concentrate on the details. I'm going to present four new books:

''Islands'' by Pearson
''Lighthouse'' by Richmond
''Brainwave'' by Macmillan
''Ace!'' by Oxford

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